We can help employers, events, schools, and retailers secure Rapid Antigen Tests.

We can supply quantities from 20 tests to 10,000+ tests.


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Onsite 5pc Box Contents

We can supply rapid self-testing kits for:

  • Personal / Individual at-home Use
  • Employee / Workforce / Business Use
  • Healthcare Use
  • Event Use
  • Student / Staff / Volunteer Use
  • Resale Use

Some of the Brands we work with:

  • OnSite®
  • Clungene®
  • JusChek®

Purchase options:


Instant Order

ORAL and NASAL Options

Place an instant order for the next business day dispatch.

20pc to 100pc

Instant Orders are now made via our RAT Express website.

Bulk / Ongoing Inquiry

Carton size orders (400+)
Choose Brand and ORAL or NASAL

For orders of carton size or greater please see our Bulk Wholesale listing on Rat Express.

For Custom Workforce / Event / Business quantities or requirements and for Invoice orders for EFT Payment please Contact Us.

Other Solutions

CO₂ Air Monitoring:

(Please email for more info. Product launching soon)

CO₂ air monitoring is a critical component in the provision of a well-ventilated environment. CO₂ monitoring also allows for increased customer/client and employee confidence from the knowledge that the environment they are in is well ventilated and thus has a reduced risk of airborne virus particles circulating.

Offices, schools, and large production environments can connect up to 100 sensors to an online dashboard via a single hub. We can recommend the right solution and offer setup and installation services in some locations.

Please contact us for more information.