We can help employers, events, schools, and retailers secure Rapid Antigen Tests.

More Info:

We can supply rapid self-testing kits for:

  • Employee / Workforce Use
  • Healthcare Use
  • Event Use
  • Student / Staff / Volunteer Use
  • Resale Use
  • Other Usage / Personal Use

Some of the Brands we work with:

  • OnSite® COVID-19 Antigen Nasal Swab
  • Clungene® Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test Nasal Swab
  • JusChek® Nasal & Oral Tests

Purchase options:


Instant Order (20 to 1000 tests)

Place an instant order of the next available RAT kits. We work with multiple brands and ship you the next available ones to ensure your requirement is met.

Bulk / Ongoing Inquiry

If you are looking for a particular brand or number of tests per box or if you have an ongoing requirement please contact us so we can work with you to find the best solution for your requirement.

Other Solutions

CO₂ Air Monitoring:

(Please email for more info. Product launching soon)

CO₂ air monitoring is a critical component in the provision of a well-ventilated environment. CO₂ monitoring also allows for increased customer/client and employee confidence from the knowledge that the environment they are in is well ventilated and thus has a reduced risk of airborne virus particles circulating.

Offices, schools, and large production environments can connect up to 100 sensors to an online dashboard via a single hub. We can recommend the right solution and offer setup and installation services in some locations.

Please contact us for more information.