Why Choose Custom Heating Blankets?

At ThermoBlanket we can produce a perfectly sized heating blanket with a range of customisation options from attachment method to temperature range. Perfect for applications where standard sizes are not suitable, our custom heating blankets can be produced in various materials, including Insulated, Silicone, and Foil options. Tailored to fit odd-sized tanks, machinery, or any surface requiring a perfect fit, these blankets offer precision, efficiency, and flexibility

Custom Heating Blanket Use Cases:

  • Odd-Sized Tanks: Achieve optimal heating for tanks with unconventional dimensions.
  • Specialized Machinery: Custom-fit blankets for machinery needing a perfect fit.
  • Custom Equipment: Heat tables or work benches with perfectly fitting heat blankets
  • Irregular Surfaces: Tailor-made solutions for surfaces that don’t conform to standard sizes. Eg. Cone Heaters or custom sizes objects.

Blanket Types:

Insulated Heating Blankets: Both our 0-90C and 0-120C with options up to 150C are available to be made in custom sizes. Attachment options include buckles and straps, loops, velcro and more. Usually made with an adjustable digital controller either onboard or on a cord.

Silicone Heating Blankets: Suited to a range of temperature requirements. Silicone heating blankets feature heating wire including a sealed silicone heating pad. These heaters are usually paired with a digital controller, a set temperature module or simply run at a set wattage and or voltage. Silicone blankets can be made with a range of attachment options such as loops and springs or adhesive.

Foil Heating Blankets: Foil heating blankets are an affordable solution for surface heating of machines or tables. The heating wire is placed in a foil blanket that can be held in place by an insulation layer or by surface adhesive. 

Please reach out to the ThermoBlanket team about your custom heating requirement and we would be happy to help find a solution.