ThermoBlanket is a supplier of Drum Heating Blankets, Drum Base Heaters, and Drum Insulation Blankets in Australia and beyond.
We are an exclusive authorised distributor for Kuhlmann Electro Heat®.

ThermoBlanket drum heating products offer users the ability to keep drum contents at a consistent temperature, a certain viscosity, or keep content from freezing.ThermoBlanket products are designed to be long-lasting high-quality solutions for any conditions.

Insulated Drum Heating Blankets offer users the ability to control liquid temperature and viscosity via a blanket that wraps around the outside of an Drum. Our regular drum heating blankets suit 200-liter drums (known as a 55-gallon drum in the United States and a 44-gallon drum in the United Kingdom). Drum Heating Blankets are available in 0-90°C, 0-200°C options. With quick release webbing straps, these products are easily attached to any standard size drum. Drum Heating Blankets come in a range of sizes for smaller containers also.

For further information please refer to our Drum Heating Blanket Flyer.

Drum Base Heaters offer users the ability to control liquid temperature and viscosity via a heater that sits under a 200L drum. Our base heater offers a 0°C to 120°C  temperature range.

When rapid heating is required, combine a drum heating blanket and a drum base heater for optimal results.

Drum Insulated Jackets and Covers
We offer a number of insulated jackets and covers for drums including insulated drum lids, wrap-around insulated drum jackets, or drum PVC waterproof covers.

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