The ThermoBlanket Kuhlmann range of Blade Repair heating blankets is designed to enable a reliable composite repair process for wind turbine blades. ThermoBlanket’s range of blankets ensures your blade repairs meet the highest standards of accuracy and efficiency. Developed in collaboration with leading manufacturers, our heating blankets are tailored to deliver optimal performance in the intricate field of blade repair.

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Accurate Temperature Control with Digital Controllers:

  • Ensure precise heating for optimal composite repairs.
  • Onboard digital temperature controllers enable temperature adjustments and deliver even heating across blankets.

Wide Range of Sizes:

  • From a wide range of standards to custom sizes, we have the right fit for every blade repair project. 
  • Custom solutions also include blade tip repair blankets.

Proven History in Blade Repair:

  • Trusted by leading blade repair companies for consistent and reliable performance. Kuhlmann Blankets are used globally across the USA, Europe and Australia.
  • Our range of blade repair blankets was designed in partnership between Kuhlmann and a number of blade manufacturers are repair companies to suit their requirements.

0-90°C or 120°C Ranges:

  • Versatile temperature options to match the requirements of different repair processes.
  • Choose from a range of temperature settings for optimal results.

Fast Production and Shipping Times:

  • Streamlined production processes ensure quick turnaround times.
  • Most blankets can be delivered within 3 weeks (Globally), and custom blankets within 7 weeks.

Please reach out to the ThermoBlanket team about your blade repair requirements and we would be happy to help find a solution.