We provide short-term IBC and Drum Insulated Heating Blanket rental use options. Whether you’re looking to test our ThermoBlanket products before making a purchase decision or need a short-term heating solution, our short-term service has you covered.

Our rental periods are designed to be flexible, with a minimum duration of 2 weeks. You can easily extend the rental period to match your specific heating requirements. We understand that not every situation warrants a permanent purchase, and our rental service caters to that need. Each rental unit includes one-way shipping within the initial fee. To ensure effective and safe use, simply follow the comprehensive instructions provided in the included manuals.

For those who find that the rental period has met their heating needs perfectly, you have the opportunity to purchase the blanket once the rental period concludes. The weekly rental fees you’ve paid will be applied as a discount towards the total product cost, providing added value for your investment.

In the event that you decide to return the rental unit, please be aware that you will be responsible for organising and covering the cost of return shipping. To avoid any additional charges, it’s essential to adhere to the terms of our return policy and ensure that the unit is returned in a clean and fully operational condition. Any damage or poor return condition may result in additional expenses.

General Rental Conditions

  • ThermoBlanket will ensure that the Equipment is clean and in good working order upon Shipment.
  • Customers’ rental period begins on the day of delivery.
  • Customers must read the provided instruction manuals and only use the product for the designed purpose.
  • The customer shall endeavor to organise return shipping of the product as close to the end of the rental period as possible.
  • Extended rental charges may be incurred as the result of a delayed product return or extended usage.
  • Customers must return the equipment to ThermoBlanket in clean and good working order.
  • In the event, that the equipment is not returned clean, well packaged, and in good working order, ThermoBlanket may charge the customer a cleaning fee if there are significant dust, dirt, or other minor marks on the product.
  • If the product is damaged or shows major signs of liquid spillage the customer will be required to pay the full RRP of the product of minus 100% of the rental weekly amount paid


 Initial fee + weekly fee (2 week minimum)

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Available Unit Options


ThermoBlanket IBC heating blankets enable accurate temperature and viscosity control of liquids inside IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers).

These heating blankets feature multiple independent 1000W heating zones. Each zone has its own adjustable 0-90°C digital controller. This multiple zone technology enables more accurate and efficient temperature control. Zones on the same blanket can be independently temperature adjusted or turned off as required.


ThermoBlanket Drum Heating Blankets are a safe and effective method for controlling the temperature and viscosity of liquids.

Insulated Drum Heating Blankets offer users the ability to control liquid temperature and viscosity via a blanket that wraps around the outside of a Drum. With quick release straps, these products are easily attached to any standard size drum.

0-90°C 200L Drum Heating Blankets are the only unit available for short-term solutions.