Why Heat Honey?

As honey or molasses has a high viscosity it presents a range of production issues for producers. Honey also begins to crystallise when the temperature drops below 50°C. High viscosity or crystallisation in honey can significantly affect flow speed and thus production times. Heating honey to your desired temperature is the best way to avoid these production problems.

Heating Honey Basics

When heating honey producers may require different heat settings, heating speeds, and control settings. Some of the key things to look for in heating products for honey may be:

  • High-quality design and materials
  • Reliable products that are proven to do the job
  • Safety features such as insulation, fuses, and temperature protection.
  • Temperature control via an accurate user interface and current temperature measurements
  • Even heat spread via as large a surface area as possible
  • Multiple zones that enable variable temperature between zones or the ability to turn off zones

Heating Honey in Drums?

The best solution for heating Honey in Drums is a fully insulated drum heating blanket with a digital controller. This solution gives users complete temperature control, even top to bottom heat distribution, and insulation for both energy efficiency and safety. ThermoBlanket Insulated Drum Heating Blankets feature multiple adjustable mounting straps, an accurate digital controller, and high-quality insulation and materials.

ThermoBlanket 0-90C Drum Heater

Heating Honey in IBCs?

IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) can contain up to 1000L of honey. Heating this volume takes time and is best achieved with an insulated IBC heating blanket. This solution gives accurate temperature control and even top to bottom heat distribution. Insulated IBC Heating blankets are available in a single control zone (1000W), two control zones (2000W), or three control zones (3000W). While each additional control zone provides an additional 1000W of power input, a major benefit is the ability to independently control each zones temperature, or switch them off as the liquid level in the IBC decreases.

The best solution for a honey production process may be affected by desired heating times, ambient temperature, wind flow, floor temperature, and the type of product being heated.

Insulating the top of the IBC with a Lid (as seen in the picture) can produce additional protection from heat loss in IBCs. ThemoBlanket also sell a range of IBC Insulation Jackets for temperature maintenance in IBC containers.

ThermoBlanket IBC Heating Blanket 0-90C


ThermoBlanket also offers IBC Base Heaters. Base heaters are inserted under an empty IBC container before filling. For this reason IBC Base Heaters so may not work for all production processes.

How to Heat Honey in 20L Pails / Buckets?

ThermoBlanket can custom make insulated heating blankets suited for 20L pails. We also offer specially designed silicone band heaters that fit 20L Pails.

Heating Honey in Custom size Containers

ThermoBlanket can custom make insulated heating blankets to suit your requirements. Please Contact Us to discuss your needs.

Keeping Honey Walm

Each ThermoBlanket insulated heating blanket features 8mm of Polyester insulation to help maintain temperature control during and after heating. ThermoBlanket also recommends insulated IBC or drum lids for extra insulation.

ThermoBlanket Insulated Drum Lid

ThermoBlanket Insulated IBC Lid

ThermoBlanket also offers a wide range of drum and IBC insulated jackets and covers. These products provide passive temperature protection and assist in maintaining internal temperature control.

IBC Deluxe Insulated Blanket

Drum Insulated Blanket Wrap

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Why ThermoBlanket?

ThermoBlanket Australia specialises in Drum and IBC heating solutions. We assist customers in choosing the right product for their heating needs.

The ThermoBlanket solutions are of high quality and are designed and manufactured in Europe. ThermoBlanket products carry a 1 yr warranty, have multiple safety features, and are used by some of the largest companies globally.

ThermoBlanket maintains stock in our Brisbane Australia warehouse and service center. We offer international shipping for customers outside Australia.