ThermoBlanket is a supplier of IBC Insulated Blankets and IBC Protection Covers in Australia and beyond.
We are an exclusive authorised distributor for Kuhlmann Electro Heat®.


IBC & Pallet Insulation Jackets are designed to insulate contents and maintaining the temperature inside an intermediate bulk container (IBC) or similar sized pallets.

IBC & Pallet Protection Covers such as our PVC waterproof cover offers protection from the rain and enables the use of Insulated Heating Blankets outdoors.

Our insulated blankets and protection covers are designed with durable materials and are easy to install on an IBC container (Or pallet).

IBC Insulated Blankets or Covers may be ideal for:
• Maintaining temperature inside a container.
• Extra insulation to speed up heating process.
• Rain and element protection
• Extra container protection.
• Safe container transportation.
• Protection from UV radiation.

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