Aranet Industrial Sensor Monitoring and Reporting Solution – Temperature, Humidity, Co2, PM, T/RH, LUX, NH3, IR + More


Product description

Collecting and Reporting Business critical information for horticulture, warehouses / storage facilities, livestock and poultry farms, building management, and others.

The Aranet platform is built around the Aranet Pro Base station that can connect up with up to 100 reporting sensors, and the Aranet Cloud enables worldwide access to this data.

Sensors in the Aranet sensors run on standard AA-type batteries, lasting up to 5+ years without changing batteries while sending radio frequency every 1, 5, or 10 min back to the base station. In the right conditions, sensors can report from up to 3KM from the base station.

Sensors that can be connected to the Aranet system include:

  • CO2 and Temperature Sensors
  • NH3 sensors (Ammonia concentration)
  • LUX Sensors ambient light in indoor environments
  • IR Plant Temperature Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Distance sensor (Determine the level of a liquid or non-liquid material in a container by using ultrasound)
  • Soil Moisture sensor
  • PAR sensor (Measure photosynthetically active radiation)
  • T/RH probe (ammonia resistant)
  • PT100 sensor (Class A platinum resistance thermometer that monitors air, liquid, and solid surface temperature)

The Aranet system can be used for any number of requirements such as:

  • Monitoring of liquid temperatures in Drums, IBCs, and other tanks
  • Monitoring of material, pipe, or surface temperatures
  • Monitoring of Temperature, Humidity, and CO2 levels in offices, warehouses, industrial sites, or schools.


Contact ThermoBlanket or request a quote about the right combination of sensors and base stations to meet your needs.