Gas Cylinder Heater

Gas Cylinder Heating Jackets are the ideal solution for maintaining a consistent gas flow rate in laboratory and industrial settings. Designed to prevent frosting and ensure a stable flow, this heating jacket is essential for applications requiring precise calibration gases.

Equipped with a user-friendly digital thermostat, our gas heating jacket is compatible with a wide range of gases such as SF6, Propane, Nitrogen, Oxygen, BCl3, WF6, and HF. Its versatility makes it suitable for nearly any gas type.

Crafted with durability and longevity in mind, our heating jacket boasts a high-quality lightweight design. The quick-release buckles allow for effortless attachment to gas bottles or cylinders. Additionally, its safe installation ensures optimal transportation capabilities.

We have standard sizes in stock, particularly catering to type K cylinder sizes. However, we can also design heating jackets for most gas cylinder sizes, providing a tailored solution to suit your specific needs.

Product description

Size Specifications

  • 1050mm x 860 mm, 0-40ºC, 435W, 230V
  • 1050mm x 860 mm, 0-90ºC, 435W, 230V


Technical description

  • Silicone impregnated fabric
  • Fiberglass insulation
  • Teflon heating wire
  • Adjustable quick-release buckles
  • 3 meter power cable (no plug)
  • Safety Thermostat
  • Digital Thermostat adjustable 0-90º
  • IP40 Protection