Product description

Designed to provide a barrier and maintain the temperature of an IBC Container (Intermediate Bulk Container).

These IBC Covers provide optimal protection from solar radiation, blocking the direct sunlight and deflecting the radiation and the heat so that the containers can be transported and/or be placed outdoor without damage and overheating from the sunrays.


IBC bubble wrap covers are made of a metallic aluminum outer layer, which deflects the sun rays, and a bubble wrap interlayer that helps to create space between the outer layer and the container, resulting in minimal to no heat transfer from the outside.

The Insulation cover is a one-piece cover, which is easily installed by pulling it down over IBC container – the insulating cover has a velcro input from the top so that the IBC container top lid easily can be accessed.


  • Metallic aluminum inner- and outer.
  • Bubble wrap foil interlayer.
  • Perfect heat and radiation blocking.
  • Standard size:  1000L