Silicone Band Drum Heaters | 20L to 200L | 0-120°C

Product description

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Silicone Heating Band.

Analog controller (0-120oC).


200L Drum Options

  • 1000W | 1700x115mm (attach up to 3 to a single drum)
  • 1000W | 1700x180mm
  • 1500W |  1700x180mm


105L Drum Options

  •  800W | 1300x115mm


50L Drum Options

  • 500W | 950x115mm


20L Drum Options

  • 300W | 800x115mm (Fits up to 100CM)


All options feature a spring(s), chain, and hook so they are very adjustable to approx 22CM over the length with standard attachments.