Silicone Heating Pad

Silicone Heating Blankets are an effective and reliable method for reducing viscosity, maintaining heat, or preventing frost. These Silicone blankets are available in a range of standard sizes, however, they can also be customised to cater to unique heating requirements. 

Product description

Flexible Silicone Heating Blankets are ideal for delivering reliable heating across a wide range of applications, ensuring the utmost efficiency and reliability.



  1. Reducing Product Viscosity: These heaters are ideal for reducing the viscosity of products. This can effectively improve the processing and movement of products throughout industrial production applications. 
  2. Accurate and Constant Heat: These heaters are designed to provide precise and consistent heat. This ensures maintained temperature control for temperature-sensitive industrial applications or laboratory setups.

  3. Freeze Protection: Protect your equipment and contents from freezing with silicone heaters. They offer a continuous supply of heat to prevent freezing, ensuring seamless operation in cooler conditions.


Technical Specifications:

  • Wire-Wound Technology: Our heaters utilise advanced wire-wound technology to ensure efficient and uniform heat distribution.
  • Flexible and Lightweight: The flexibility and lightweight design of these heaters make them easy to install and adapt to various surfaces and configurations.
  • Moisture and Chemical Resistant: Silicone heaters are manufactured to withstand moisture and chemical exposure.


Customization Options:

Every application is unique, and we understand that. That’s why we offer custom solutions to meet your specific heating requirements:

  • Preformed or Custom Sizes: Choose from preformed heater sizes or opt for custom dimensions, allowing you to achieve the perfect fit for your project.
  • Optional Adhesive: For added convenience, our heaters can come with adhesive on one side, simplifying installation and ensuring a secure attachment to your chosen surface.